Sheri BrautigamLiving Textiles of Mexico - brings the finest hand-loomed, embroidered, beaded blouses, rebozos/shawls and other textile treasure from Mexico.

Living Textiles are contemporary textiles being produced today in the traditional by-hand way…..they are genuine slow clothes.

After many years traveling, working and living in Mexico I’ve developed relationships with gifted artisans mainly in Oaxaca and Chiapas. This shop supports women's textile co-ops and individuals whose work is truly exceptional. The goal is the continuation of a strong textiles culture for Mexico!

About the owner/documenter,  Sheri Brautigam
You can read a bit about my past-lives as textile designer and marketing instructor from San Francisco and my current work documenting traditional cultures in Mexico on my blog and a LOT more about Mexican Textiles!

My ETSY shop Living Textile featuring VINTAGE clothing, and jewelry of Mexico, and has been going since 2011 with many happy customers and collectors returning regularly.

Hop on to Living Textiles of Mexico on FaceBook - and see what's happening TODAY with Mexican Textiles.  You can contact me via email: sheri.brautigam@gmail.com